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These 10 Simulation Games Make Real-World Jobs Shockingly Fun

Simulation games have evolved since the days of simple virtual pet apps and basic flight simulators. Various simulation games put you in real-world professionals’ shoes today and offer engaging and exciting gameplay. These games can give you a taste of different industries and professions, allowing you to explore jobs you’ve always been interested in without the commitment of formal training.
From running your own transportation business to managing a city, there is a vast range of simulation games out there that are based on real-world jobs. These games can challenge you to master new skills, make tough decisions, and put your strategic thinking to the test. And the best part is that these games are available on multiple platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, so you can choose the device that suits you best.
Suppose you’ve never tried a simulation game before or are looking for your next immersive experience. In that case, these ten simulation games offer a fun and exciting adventure into the real world of different professions. So buckle up, get your thumbs ready, and read on to discover some of the most fun modern simulation games based on real-world jobs!

Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22 is a highly anticipated addition to the series of Farming Simulator games that allow players to experience the farming industry firsthand. Developed by Giants Software, this game offers plenty of authentic challenges and real-world jobs related to agriculture. Players become a modern farmers who must manage a working farm, plant crops, and raise livestock to succeed.
One of the amazing features of Farming Simulator 22 is its use of accurate and reliable tractors from companies such as AGCO and John Deere. These are some of the world’s most well-respected and well-known tractor manufacturers, and their inclusion in the game adds realism to the experience.
The game also offers a highly detailed, immersive world with realistic weather patterns and a day-night cycle. Players must navigate a range of tasks, from sowing and harvesting crops to tending to livestock and managing finances. The game is designed to offer a realistic and accurate representation of modern farming, allowing players to experience the challenges and rewards associated with this vital industry.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is one of the most popular simulation games that puts you in control of your very own trucking company. As a truck driver, you must navigate Europe’s highways and byways, delivering goods and building your empire. One of the standout features of Euro Truck Simulator 2 is its truck delivery service missions, which allow you to provide real-world trucks that are used in the transportation industry.
Players can drive and deliver trucks from the biggest manufacturers in the world, such as Volvo, Scania, and DAF. The game allows you to fully customize your vehicle to suit your style of play, adding features like improved engines, more fuel-efficient systems, and luxury interiors. The customization allows you to build a truly unique truck and helps you stand out.
The game also features a variety of missions and routes, each with its own unique challenges. Truck drivers must contend with traffic, roadworks, and difficult weather conditions like real-life truckers. And while the game is challenging, it’s also gratifying. Completing each delivery successfully earns you money and a reputation, which you can use to upgrade your truck fleet and expand your business.

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House Flipper

House Flipper is a simulation game that puts you in the shoes of a home remodeler. This game allows you to take on the role of a one-person contractor, taking on jobs ranging from simple home renovation tasks to complete home transformations. The unique aspect of House Flipper is that you can do all the work quickly with just a few mouse clicks, without any of the heavy labor that is often required in real-life home renovation projects.
As a house flipper, your main goal is to buy a rundown house, renovate it, and sell it for a profit. In the game, you can paint walls, install tiles, change window frames, repair leaky faucets, and replace broken light fixtures. Once the renovation is complete, you can sell your newly-renovated home, to sell it for a higher price than what you paid. Successful home remodelers call this flipping.
House Flipper is incredibly satisfying because it lets players see a rundown home transform into a beautiful living space. As progress is made, you can see the before-and-after differences of each room, and this is a satisfying experience that keeps the gameplay interesting. Additionally, the game also rewards you for improving homes by flipping them. You get to earn virtual money and use it to buy more properties and take on bigger and better home renovation challenges.


Unpacking is a unique puzzle game that takes you on a meditative journey through the art of unpacking boxes and creating a pleasing living space. Witch Beam develops the game, and it has become a hit among gamers who enjoy a casual and relaxing experience. What makes Unpacking so unique is how it incorporates simulation characters and objects into its gameplay, making every unpacking experience different and exciting.
In Unpacking, you are tasked with unpacking boxes and placing their contents where they belong. The game takes you through various living spaces, such as a bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, and many more. As you unpack each box, you’ll learn about the person that owns the items and the story behind their move, helping to create an emotional connection with the game.
The game is designed to be a puzzle zen experience, with the primary objective being to create an aesthetically pleasing space while following the room’s layout. You must place items in the suitable locations and in the correct order to complete each level successfully. For example, you must place kitchen items in the pantry and the fridge, and the living room items on the bookshelf or coffee table, ensuring everything fits perfectly. This game will make you feel like you have real-world jobs acting as movers.
The game is intuitive, with straightforward controls and a satisfying feedback system that gives immediate feedback when placing an item correctly. The beautiful and detailed pixel art graphics are stunningly rendered, with each item having authentic designs that accurately reflect real-life objects.

Power Wash Simulator

Power Wash Simulator is a simulation game that recreates the unique experience of running your own power washing business. Developed by FuturLab, this game offers a genuinely authentic adventure that allows players to experience the realities of this effective cleaning mechanism used in real-world jobs.
The game puts you in control of your own power-washing business, where you must accept jobs from various clients and complete them efficiently to earn a profit. This involves cleaning buildings, vehicles, patios, and more using state-of-the-art power washing equipment based on real-world machines. Players need to understand how different nozzles and pressures work to achieve the best results, making every job a challenging and engaging experience. It’s like getting pressure washer rentals without using them in person.
The game features realistic physics, so every object in the environment reacts as it would in real life, adding to the overall immersion. Additionally, the game includes various cleaning tools and detergents, each designed to tackle specific dirt and grime. This allows for a diverse range of cleaning tasks to showcase your skills.
Aside from the satisfaction of seeing a dirt-covered surface turn sparkling clean, completing jobs is also rewarding for earning money and growing your business. You can use the funds to upgrade and purchase new equipment, hire employees, and expand your company to take on larger and more ambitious cleaning tasks.

City Car Driving

City Car Driving is a simulation game that takes you through various urban environments, providing a realistic driving experience that simulates real-world driving conditions. Forward Development develops the game and is an excellent option for people who want to experience driving a car in real-world situations.
The game is ideal for those considering real-world jobs, such as delivery or taxi drivers, as it places you in a range of scenarios that prepare you for life on the road. Each level of the game presents different challenges, such as navigating heavy traffic or dealing with unexpected road conditions. As players progress through the game, they encounter increasingly complex and challenging situations, such as driving in high-density urban areas and handling difficult weather conditions.
One of the best features of City Car Driving is the accurate modeling of driving physics and the realistic nature of its environments. The game offers real physics regarding how cars handle, accelerate, and brake, making it a more realistic simulation experience for players. The virtual cities through which the player drives are rich in detail, featuring graphically rich landscapes with accurately modeled buildings and landmarks.
The game also provides extensive custom car options for players, allowing them to choose different cars to drive, ranging from sports cars to classic American muscle cars. The game’s extensive car selection also allows players to experiment with different driving styles and techniques, making every driving experience unique and personal.
Its accurate physics, realistic environments, and extensive customization options make it an excellent choice for those considering real-world jobs like being a delivery driver or a taxi driver. Like a real-life driving experience, players can learn the skills and knowledge to navigate the road safely and successfully.

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Car Mechanic Simulator

Car Mechanic Simulator is a simulation game that lets you experience the world of auto repair as you run your own garage. Developed by Red Dot Games, this game offers a unique opportunity to build a business from the ground up, eventually expanding it to franchises nationwide. This is just like real-world jobs owning a garage or auto business.
As the owner of a repair shop, you diagnose and fix various car issues and upgrade vehicles to make them look and run their best. You will have a range of tools at your disposal, from a simple wrench to sophisticated computer diagnostic equipment that provides a realistic simulation of how actual mechanics work. Each repair you perform will earn you money, which is used to invest in new equipment and expand your business.
One of the finest features of this game is the array of options for customization and upgrading. You can repair and restore cars, from classic muscle cars to modern sports cars, to develop and expand your customer base. You can also expand your garage, hire specialized staff, and purchase other garages to increase profits and become a successful franchised business.

Train Simulator

Train Simulator is a highly realistic simulation game that gives players a chance to experience the life of a train operator. Developed by Dovetail Games, this game simulates a variety of trains and routes from all over the world, making it an excellent option for those interested in careers as transportation managers or train engineers. Several real-world jobs are on display here.
The game’s detailed environments and accurate physics make it an incredibly realistic experience. Players can choose from various trains and routes with unique challenges and scenery. In addition to driving the train, the game allows players to manage their trains by monitoring their speed and fuel levels.
You will be transloading rail to truck which is essential to the train transportation industry. This game also offers insight into this aspect of the industry, allowing players to get a closer look at how it works. In addition to the basic high-level gameplay, the game features advanced economics, allowing players to manage their transportation business more efficiently while delivering cargo to different destinations.

Car Parking Simulator

Car Parking Simulator is an innovative game that immerses you in a realistic experience of parking cars. The game boasts advanced car physics in VR, delivering genuinely engaging and interactive gameplay. With its Free Roam mode, you can explore a realistic town with a bustling traffic system, fun activities, and exciting challenges as you discover where to park.
The game’s advanced physics and detailed environments make it an ideal way to learn how to park cars and understand real-life driving situations. Whether learning how to park in parallel spaces or navigating tight corners, Car Parking Simulator provides a realistic experience that can teach you valuable skills. This makes it an excellent option for those interested in real-world jobs such as being a valet or a pro driver.

Garden Simulator

Garden Simulator is a simulation game that focuses on the art of gardening and landscaping. The game could be a perfect resource for those seeking real-world jobs like becoming an arborist.
In Garden Simulator, players are responsible for designing, cultivating, and maintaining virtual gardens. The game requires players to plant various crops, flowers, and trees and create beautiful garden layouts that help them level up and unlock new, more complex plants. Players must also manage the garden’s irrigation and soil nutrients to ensure healthy plant growth.
What’s most interesting about the game is its ability to teach players about gardening techniques and flower management. Garden Simulator provides a wealth of information on plant care and horticulture, making it a potential learning resource for those interested in becoming an arborist. In the game, players can experiment with different gardening tools and equipment to develop their understanding of the field, paving the way for a career in horticulture.

Consider any of these top sim games if you want to have fun learning and checking out a new career path with real-world jobs simulated and sped up in a game format!

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