Uses for Nema 5 15 Plugs

If you have trouble recognizing the NEMA 5 15 plugs and outlets, you should continue reading. The Youtube video “Outlet Solutions: Identifying NEMA 5-15 Outlets” has all the information you need to understand the uses of this outlet, how to set it up, how to recognize it, etc. Let’s find out more!

Video Source

The NEMA 5 15 outlet is best known as the 1,875-watt outlet that’s used in most households. It’s rated for 15 amps and 125 volts, which it’s exactly what you need for appliances such as toasters, phones, lamps, computers, etc. Unfortunately, the NEMA 5 15 plugs get confused with another connection: the NEMA 6 50. The 6 50 is larger and needs to operate at 250 volts, which is too much for the NEMA 5 15 outlets.

Therefore, if you need to power equipment that needs 250 volts, you won’t be able to use the NEMA 5 15 plugs. Additionally, the NEMA 6 50 doesn’t even fit into that other outlet because the metal pins are too wide. Luckily, that prevents confusion and possibly dangerous situations. The solution is to install one or two outlets at home that can withstand more voltage. You can watch the rest of the video for more details about the NEMA 5 15 plugs.

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